Friday, November 16, 2012


Back In my young days, I could move. Gravity and my extra tires are working against me these days. But I still kill it on the dance floor.

I'm sure I'm responsible for 95% of the video views.


Myne Whitman said...

That was a great dance video, were you among the dancers?

Arewa said...

GUESS who's back?!!! Hey sis... Missed u lots... So glad ur still on blog vile.....just trying to get my blogging swag back on..., will update soon

Hope u've been good. Will read posts and catch up wit u soon. Lots of love x x

Zena said...

oh! no I wasn't Myne, I just loved the dance. A great thing to learn rather than Azonto

Is this you? It cannot be? Girl ,I've been back and forth with this blogging thing, what's ur email so we can fill eachother in properly

Arewa said...

Chic na me oooo!!! Check ur gmail inbox and let's catch up!!!! X x