Friday, March 14, 2008

The Beginning Of the Vibrators

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It's love, it's love every time I think about your smile, Every time I need you by my side you will ever be, cos you are the light that shines and I want the world to see, cos you are the light shines

That songs been In my head for awhile now, thought I'd share it with you, Common is so sick with his lyrics, and Marsha Ambrosius's voice is a dream. I might do a TGIF Post since TLK has taken a little break, hehehehe

Okay, So I read any and everything and I took this Women In Literature class during my freshman year and I had this wacky professor who just spat out facts and things and she mentioned it once but it was too wild for me to believe her until sometime last week when I was doing research for a friend.

Do you know that Hysteria was once considered a woman's only disease. Men were just to "calm headed" and "rational" to get it.

So hysteria had a a wide array of symptoms including insomnia, nervousness, heaviness in abdomen, shortness of breath and irritability. Basically, a woman didn't get her way, complained or just didn't conform was stamped with the hysteria bug.

So guess the cure or what was used to relieve hysteria...just guess. A pelvis massage yes people masturbation until climax. (As in maybe I'm the only one, but this is offensive ooh!see this's masturbation that will make me keep quiet)

Ancient Greek myth tells of the uterus wandering about a woman's body and strangling her( hysteria is the Greek word for uterus y'all)
It was noted in virgins, nuns, widows and married women. The prescription, if married, intercourse, if single a vaginal massage.

The very funny part, Physicians who performed the vaginal massage got tired because it took up to three sometimes four hours for women to climax. So mid-wives were called to the scene( you know that whole thing about lesbians being better lovers for women than men can actually hold ground ooh!, they were doing something right)

So Physicians started loosing money. The solution? massage devices, yup!!!dildos and the likes. By the mid 19Th century it was common and normal, you could get the devices from your physician.

By I873, the electrical vibrator was invented in France (oui, oui liberation, lmao) By the 20th Century, every woman owned a vibrator, it was common practice and was quite the norm.

What makes me laugh is, women today hide their vibrators, it's taboo to actually just bring it out in the open(not that you should display it in your living room sha)

So that's it folks. What do you think?