Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Exotic Lover- The New-York Metro Series

Hey All,

How'z everything going? I'm a little better now, Thanks sooo much for all the well wishes, but I'm still coughing up a storm...Does anyone have any remedies I can take? because coughing for 3 weeks is very uncool, especially when you're sitting next to that hottie from your political science class who you've been dying to sit next to. Picture this, he asked me a question and guess my answer...guess...coughing right into his face...Embarrassing things happen to me all the time *sigh*. Moving on, Finals and the whole studying thing is kicking my ass and badly. I'm pretty sure of all my classes except a black studies class, that woman has a personal vendetta against me...We were 85 in the class and now we're 12...I should've dropped the class when I had the chance, its to late now and quite frankly, I don't care what I get...for the first time, I'm just like "DAMN IT".

The lot of you are going to Nigeria...I'll try to keep the bitterness out the post, but does anyone want to buy me TomTom? I hope you have a good trip and please take lots and lots of pictures.

Now, to the post.I promised to post this, and you know how it is when you don't write a post when it happens, it looses all it's funninity(not a word)


Location:96st Train Station
Time: 6:50pm
Heading To: Nevins Street
Line:3 Train Line

So its another day. I've been out the apartment since 6:30 am and I'm dead tired. I stood all the way from 137st, and I was ready to fight anyone, even a Reverend Sister for somewhere to sit. So the 3 train approaches and I am uber excited, I run to the front of the train and notice there are empty seats in the second cart towards the back(yes, I'm that good). So the train stops and I and my sister notice there are a lot of empty seats and a lot of people standing. So I sit on the chairs near the door. I'm so happy, I see grins on peoples face and I'm like okay, what's up?But I put my Ipod on and close my eyes. All of a sudden, I hear

"Damn Cunt, Wha'd rassclad you think dis is"

Oh!boy, a mad Jamaican on the loose, I spot the man on the first seat where all the empty seats are and he seems to be addressing a woman with her biracial children.

"D nasty cunt a bring 'im devil pikni ina d tryain, Wha wrong with she own kind? She na fit find na man wey fit beat dat cyat"

At this point, I'm appalled beyond reason, but nobody says anything..

"Tell 'ar fi cum taste me a cock, I'll show her how it's done"
"Mek me spit in dat cyat, bust it up"

He brings out a bottle of whisky finishes it in one go, throws it on the floor and brings out another one, there's spit flying, white people turning pink and general laughter...The woman gets off at 42nd street, but the ass continues

"All these damn women, cyan handle me cock, dem not no say me cyan set that pussy on fire, me a ride dat pussy fi done.....yes....dis not no ass cock, dis a cock like a horse, a big strong horse.

He addresses this white woman who is sitting next to him,
"A bloodclot woman, ya wan fit take a ride on top the bull, you wan try to ride this horse, I'll kill ya, I murder your ass, yes"

Mehn! come see ooh! me I never see this kain thing before, as in it was horrible, then he starts to spit, just spit flying everywhere, Ask me why I didn't get up and leave that cart..I Stayed ooh!

The spit now flew to one mans shoe, he started cursing
"Motherfucker, Ima beat your stank fucking ass, if you spit near ma motherfucking shoe ya hear, damn nigga, what the fuck u think dis is, try dat shit again son, Ima murder yo' ass, Ima murder you..punk ass mutherfucker"

The madman cooled down small, but kept spitting in the other direction, you don't know how happy I was when my stop came finally, it was horrible. The man started commenting on women's was horrible.

So that's one of the craziest rides I've ever been on.lmao

I got tired of reading Wednesday night and for the first time, I read Jaybabe's blog, as in where am I? There are these fascinating blogs that I've missed that've been around for ages. Do you know I don't read real books like I used to, why? when I can log in and read Queen, NDQ, Overwhelmed, XSN,I want humor, I can get it, Drama I can get it...You know I said one hour break and I was on blogsville till 12:30 at night? It's addictive this place.

So...guess who's back on Blogsville? BITCHY!!!!! Well, she's not bitchy anymore, She goes by Ms Piggy, she's moved back home and she's still as fascinating and intimidatingly fabulous as she was before, so here's Lagos Island Iced Tea. Makes you want to move back home and partake in all the enjoyment. She's still sporadic, but A for effort

So on that note, any note worthy blogs you want to lead me too? List them.....


simplegal said...

Hey Zena! I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling much much better.

Lol @ the crazy "sex beast" on the train...I woulda been so out of there too; fear wouldn't allow me to keep sitting there!

I haven't read Jaybabe's blog either, need to do that.

Some bloggers I recommend are Vera (Verastially Livin'), LG (Ladyguide), Aloofar (Aloof and Far), Porter (Me sef I tire),and Uzezi. There are a lot more, but I'm kinda rushing off to get ready for my finals!

Take care luv, and feel better!


Original Mgbeke said...

2nd!!! Thank God say you don well...and LMAO at the mad man on the train. I say ehn, NYC subways= A constant source of entertainment.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Ummm don't y'all know I own the first spot on this blog! Original Mgbeke you no dey fear?! Hisss

Let me go read

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Haha that was one heck of a train ride! You got the jammo speak down to a T too!

I feel you on getting butt kicked by school. I have so much school work it's ridiculous. I miss sleep cuz I dont know the last time I had it...blogs like yours keep me up when I need study breaks!

Let me make you jealous...IM GOING TO NAIJA THIS WEEKEND!!!! Cant Hopefully i'll get some reading done cuz I havent had a chance to read for the heck of it in a minute...your book list is g8 so ama have to come look at it!

Bitchy is back?!!!YAYYYY
Maybe that will make up a tiny little bit for Naapali leaving. Gosh first fine boy, then Zephi, then Naapali! Thank God your still here, seriously.

Anyhoo, let me get back to this 5 page french paper on multiculturalism and blah blah blahhhhhh

Have a great week!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

PS: You always have great stories that happen in/around the metro btw. You really should start compiling/editing them. "The New York Metro Series" already sounds interesting....just a thought!

Standtall said...

Sorry about the cough dearie, i dont know if you have Septrin antibiotics over there. Perhaps u let it be pescribed to you. It works finf for cough. It kills the bacteria

Afrobabe said...

I knew this post was gonna be funny from the cartoon which by the way should be on every london train.....

Lmao @ jamo dude...that my dear sis is an everyday sight here...I dread the day i will be their main target....*double shudder!!!

Third World Profashional said...

ROTFLMAO! That is so hilarious! Those nuts on the NY subways scare the hell outta me too. I dont think i've run into anyone that explicit though. Too mad!

Thanks for your comment on my blog! xxx

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

LMAO, ha ha ha serves you right
next time you wont be too eager for a seat,
as for good blogs, there are plenty around, wouldnt know where to end, so will leave it to others to give you a heads up

Queen of My Castle said...

Hey Baby Cakes!!!!!!!

This was hilarious! I don't think I would last one bloody day in New York. The South is sooooo much different. LOL. The guy that told the crazy man off sounded kinda hawt! LOL

Awwww, I feel so special to have been mentioned. You're too cute! Love you to bits!

Well, if it's any consolation, I won't be going to Naija over the holidays. :-)

Anonymous said...

btw, sowie for bein sucha coughie...

Jaycee said...

Lol @ the mad dude on the train....and yeah, lol about not reading books anymore. See what blogsville does to us, eh?

tommeh said...

Don't worry..tom tom is on the way.

C'mon now, U should've got'n up from there..

Hope U took a "DETTOL(led)" shower cuz I don't even wanna imagine how spelly his spit is..Can't stand DC's Drunks let alone NY..yuk!!!

Kemberly said...

Hahahaha…that’s NY for you! I’m glad bitchy’s back! Off to read!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

just stopping by to see how the paper/finals went! Trust everything went well?

Doja said...

Happy Xmas and a Happy New year.

The Boob Sistas said...

LMAO!!! This post reminds me of a similar crazy experience i had on a train ride. Okay i won't say more in case i decide to blog about it. LOL. And my blog is sooooooo note worthy, so visit me.

Happy New Year in advance babes. xx

Anonymous said...